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Escape Speedy

Parkour Game

Jul 2021 - Sept 2021


Project Overview

Escape speedy is a kind of Parkour Game, which uses the perspective of the third person.

Within the game, there are various kinds of items on the track. The roles can be provided with buff or debuff or many other obstacles. The players just click the left button on the mouse to pull the roles to move from the left to the right and jump upward to elude.

I used a workflow that combined the thinking of tech and art. I also wrote the code and made a playable demo with Unity.

My Contributions

Designed every single detail, gameplay, levels, props, etc.

All programs with Unity(C#).


Use MAYA for modeling, SAI and PS for making UI and game tuning, and plug-in for blurring.

Want to work together?

If you like what you see and want to work together, get in touch!

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