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The King

Tabletop Game

Nov 2021 - Dec 2021


Project Overview

The King is a game combining chessboard and board elements to be played by 4 - 8 people. Aimed at creating face-to-face communication chances for young generations in the real world. If players desire to win the game, they need not only the psychology of gambling but also luck. Finally, whoever reaches the place of the king wins. I combined the drawing with modeling to have made this board game. Besides, I resorted to 3D printing technology to turn the model into an entity.

My Contributions

Gameplay Design, involved in elements of The Kingdoms, pokers, and chess to design the game. 

Designed all the characters and props cards and produced the prototype by 3D printing.

Want to work together?

If you like what you see and want to work together, get in touch!

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